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ld: seulgi by stantlers ld: seulgi by stantlers
haha whats up !!!!!!!!!!!! i really like seulgi now (omfg can u tell i like red velvet a lot) 


Name: Oh Seulgi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 158 cm
D.O.B: 12.16  (sagittarius)
District #: District 3
Race: Human


Coming off as a snooty, shallow girl, Seulgi was raised to be a classy woman and she follows these uptown standards. She is quiet no matter her comfort level around you, and only speaks when needed. Her social skills are not lacking, she merely feels it's unneccessary to speak when she can simply tell what you mean by body language. When in conversation, she may appear shallow or belittling without noticing. This is most likely due to her detatched, aloof attitude towards anyone less than family. She is a rational and down to earth girl who values knowledge over justice (although she considers both extremely important) and is not afraid to use cheap tactics or disobey orders to obtain her knowledge. She relies on her judgement to make decisions and never involves her feelings when working. Empathy is not a strong point of hers, but her sharp perception of others makes up for this. Her self-perception is much more challenging. [istj]


Seulgi was born to a wealthy, popular family in Korea. After the summer of her 4nd grade year, her family moved to Japan due to a particular fiancial issue she was too young to acknowledge. Her parents were both professionals, always in formal clothes and never with their guard down. For all of her life, she was handled carefully by them. She was not ignored but not adored, and grew used to minimal attention. Growing up in one of the safer wards, she was used to being seen and not heard. She didn't act out to get attention or do anything reckless, but instead filled her time to the brim up with studying, learning, and practicing. It wasn't neccessarily a "be so good they can't ignore you" type of thing, but more of a way for her to have control by to ignoring others. Besides that, she absolutely loved to learn new things. She was fascinated by animals, weather, the brain, you name it. She seemed to be a popular student as she grew up, but her emotional detachment from people gave her a lack of anyone close or dear to her.

Despite her curious mind, she had never even heard the word ghoul until she was a teenager. She watched the news every night, absorbing everything that she could about these monsters. It wasn't an instant hate that came upon her, but more of a jealousy. She abhorred their attitudes. A feeling had never appeared to her so strong. She couldn't believe their lifestyles. From what the news said, ghouls had no cares in the world, not even about getting caught by the officers. They have no values, no rules, they got away with anything. Seulgi wanted to cry. If she had been born a ghoul, would she have had to deal with inactive parents? With grades? Image problems? She hated herself, and ghouls. for thinking this. She knew nothing about ghouls or their lives. And it's not like her life was bad at all, ghouls had never done anything to her... 

As an adult, she wanted to be a doctor or scientist. She had dreamed of using her stored knowledge to impress others and make new discoveries. Seulgi wanted to be famous for curing a disease or finding a new brain connection. She instead entered the CCG. She fought herself over the decision of this for years, but the internal war was ended when she learned of ghoul cannibalism. Ghouls would even eat other ghouls? When humans, their food source, outnumbered them by so much... they would still eat one another. At that point, she realized it really was a dog-eat-dog world, literally. In her time at the CCG, she became even more enthralled by the idea of ghoul cannibalism and moved to the 3rd ward. Upon becoming able to observe her higher ranking officers, she would follow them to every occasion involving one or more ghouls. She desperately wants to study them and learn how the ghouls live. Although she is interested in their daily lives and biology, Seulgi is infinitely more interested in the benefits of cannibalism. Other than that, she wants to know if their lives are truly so easy. If they really are so carefree, she wishes to give them some trouble. 

Quinque: A Rinkaku type quinque, a gift. It takes the shape of a double ended flail similar to a meteor hammer with an incredibly long, usually hidden chain. It is covered in bandages. She mostly uses its long chains in order to fight from afar, due to her small build. Despite this, she can use her quick reflexes to handle her quinque in a melee type close range fight as well. The main advantage to this weapon is its speed and unpredictablity, as she is unable land powerful blows by herself. Her low stamina prevents long or arduous battles, and she prefers to fight with someone else. She obtained it from a superior officer when she was promoted to 3rd class.

Rank: Inspector 3rd Class

Affiliation: CCG

Points (competition) : 21

Skill : 0 lol

Likes: architecture, nail polish, milk, inspectors, brushing her hair, cats, scrapbooking, literally any movie, iced coffee, fine art

Dislikes: dogs (wtf), sunburns, being corrected, cold, alcohol, weeding flowers, ghouls 

Relationships:  N/A


. why does she act so much like a cat i'm sorry
. on that note she really wants a cat but doesn't want to be responsible for it
. extremely interested in science. wants to work at ccg science dept one day
. also interested in linguistics and psychology
. loves bad-boy-feel idols
. really slim and kinda frail,
. her nails are real and she carries around like 2 bottles of hard as nails
. really enjoys perfumes and flowers
. only reads horror manga
. sleepwalks
. wants to eat a ghoul. wonders if it's possible
. can solve a rubix cube in like 10 seconds
. knows like every single perfume dance
. and every girl's day dance
. small eyebrow-chan
. loves monochromatic color schemes
. owns multiple professional cameras and vintage ones. she has the aesthetic

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